A little bit more Caribbean diary:

So on day four I opened curtains to a beautiful sunny day, there were a few clouds but I was positive that it was going to be a dry one – we had not saved and planned and dreamed about this holiday for it to be a soggy one! – After a leisurely breakfast we grabbed our beach stuff and jumped in a taxi with 3 (not so cheerful, – the cruise wasn’t up to their high standards…) ladies and headed to the beach.

It was a beautiful long beach with white sand and blue sea, and some big ole waves. We walked along for a bit to get away from all the people, we weren’t interested in hearing cruise comparisons from the ladies or be hassled for boat rides.

We found a lovely quiet area where we hired a couple of sunloungers and a little tent. Now this is what we had been waiting for.

Although I was quite happy to read my book, Biggy wanted to play in the sea and at first I was a bit wary of the waves, but once in it was quite fun; there was a little trench you got stuck in as you entered the sea and you couldn’t get past it without being drowned each time, however that was half the entertainment. After about 10 minutes of pissing about in the sea a big wave got Biggy and he lost his prescription sunglasses, bless him he was in the sea searching for them for ages, you couldn’t see anything because of the waves and there was absolutely no way he was going to find them, but he wouldn’t give up. A couple of minutes into looking for them I managed to lose mine too – there is a lesson to be learnt here I think, although mine were only about a tenner, so not a big deal, back at the port I bought another cheap pair. No such luck for Biggy. We didn’t stay too long at the beach after that as even under the tent it was too sunny, Biggy could sleep but I couldn’t read, and I got annoyingly fidgety…

So back to the boat, a quick snack and back out into town to use the wifi and have a cocktail.

That night we saw an unfunny comedian, went to a couple of bars and then to bed. The next day was a day at sea, so there was much reading, card playing, eating, drinking, we saw 2 films: Bridget Jones Baby and Jack Reacher 2. I don’t think we burned any calories that day! The highlight though was whilst we were sitting in the Crow’s Nest bar we saw a pod of dolphins leaping over the waves, it was amazing, they looked so tiny as we were so high up, but super cool, I spent the rest of the cruise unsuccessfully looking for more.

The next day was a day I was looking forward to, I had been wanting to see this Caribbean island for years; Grenada. And when I opened the curtains to see this beautiful island I had a bit of a shock; parked right next to us was another large P&O ship, the Azura – it wasn’t quite the view I was hoping for.

Our plan for our day in Grenada was to go for a walk in the rainforest – I was desperate to see some waterfalls – and then the we wanted to spend the afternoon lazing about on one of the worlds most beautiful beaches: Grand Anse.

Time to get ourselves away from these boats.

We managed to talk a lovely couple into sharing a taxi with us into the rainforest. When we started our journey at the bottom of the island it was a lovely sunny day, but as we started to get higher into the forest it started to rain, and the higher and higher we got, the wetter it got – I suppose it kind of made sense.

Our taxi driver laughed at us when we asked to go for a walk to see some waterfalls and a lake, but we knew better and off we went. And it was bloody muddy and slippery, we were holding onto trees and each other, and I think our new friends were regretting meeting us. We eventually came across some steps which led down to the lake, or we could continue on the much more fun, potentially neck-braking path; we chose to get our butts down those safe looking steps with a wonderful invention called a handrail.

We got to the lake, just a little bit dirtier then we started.

So we didn’t get to see any waterfalls but we did see a lake.

Surrounded by misty rainforest.

And some pretty plants.

Back to ship to change footwear and grab a sandwich for our afternoon at the beach. The trip to the beach was via a beach taxi; where these guys tried to fit every single person from the cruise ships onto their teeny tiny petrol stinking boats, but I kinda loved the views.

This was more like it.

However we arrived to a beach packed with cruise ship tourists, and the sea full of boats and inflatables, it was noisy and smelly and not really what we had imagined. If you took away all the people it would have been a beautiful beach, it was a bit of a shame, we stayed an hour but the clouds started to look ominous so back to the ship.

That evening there was a big “Sailaway Party” – there was one every time we left an island, but this was a special one that seemed to go on for hours as it was a joint one with the Azura – we stayed in our room and listened to it from our balcony as there is only so much time spent with a load of brits waving flags, drinking rum and singing ‘feeling hot hot hot’ we could take; goodbye Grenada, it certainly didn’t go the way we had planned, but it was definitely a beautiful island, and I hope to go back one day.

After an interesting day we a fun evening; after dinner we got to see Jeff Dingle tribute to Bruno Mars.

And it was soooo good. I lurve Bruno Mars and every song was really entertaining, I would have jiggled more in my seat if I wasn’t so worried about spilling my wine.