Right now I should be preparing for a job interview that is happening tomorrow (and is going to keep me awake tonight).

Instead I am messing around with another Caribbean post (don’t worry, I am coming to the end of the holiday).

Day 7 was a slow starting day, which was a good thing as our bodies were getting heavier with 3 large meals a day and many cocktails. We had a tour booked that afternoon; ‘The best of St Vincent’. The morning was spent lazing around looking at the views (and eating and drinking).

We got to watch a lifeboat drill. Thankfully the only time we saw them in use.

It was a lovely tour of the little island; our tour guide, Edwin, was very knowledgeable and liked to quote poems and tell jokes and our coach driver did a good job of not killing us while driving “the largest bus on St Vincent” around some tiny roads by terrifying cliff edges, whilst texting…

Our tour took us to a fort, botanical gardens and then a stop at a hotel for a rum fruit punch and a beautiful view.

That night we saw a tribute act, J’adele, who was very good; got the hand actions and sparkly dresses on point and she had a lovely voice.

Was a good day.

The next morning we woke up St Lucia, we planned on a beach day, so jumped in a taxi ready for a day of relaxing. St Lucia was a much bigger island than previous ones and, bigger roads, tattier buildings and lots of litter but when we got to the beach it was quite beautiful.

We ended up spending 5 hours sitting in the sun, reading, taking the occasional dip. It wasn’t too busy and we weren’t hassled very much, every so often a little wooden house, with a boat buried under it would sail up trying to sell food and drink, was brilliant.

Once we were back on the boat, washed up and fed, we went and saw a show in the theatre, called Once upon a Time, and it was terrible, just not our thing, so we left halfway, very bad of us… We found our friends Pulse, singing an acoustic set in one of the bars and had a cocktail, but that was a bit boring so went to Biggy’s fave, the Crows Nest to play cards and drink more cocktails,.

One of these is a Salted Caramel Martini and it was the most sweetest drink ever, even I couldn’t finish it.

Day 8 was over.