Okay so this is the very last Caribbean post, 5 months since we went…

Day 9 was a day at sea, so lots of relaxing to be done.

Lots of eating, reading, dozing – doing nothing can be surprisingly exhausting… – we went to the cinema, had another lovely meal at the Sindhu restaurant, a few cocktails, then watched a comedian, then time to say goodnight to another day in the Caribbean.

The next morning we arrived in Dominica.

It is a very green mountain covered island and we had booked ourselves a little excursion; River Tubing, we have no photos as we left the phones behind but it was lots of fun, we were driven up a mountain, and then we just sat in these big inflatable rings for a couple of hours and and bobbed along a river looking at the beautiful scenery, every now and again we would go down some little rapids, these were fun but I wished there were more of them. It was a really fun activity and a nice way to see a bit of the island, Biggy and I were separated for most of it he somewhere at the back and me at the front, I think it was a size thing (no offence Biggy) but it was a good thing as saved him from splashing me at every opportunity, child.

The afternoon was spent with a little walk around town – not much to see there really – back to boat for buffet dinner, and I think time to mention how excited we would get about the pudding selection every day:

Every day was something different, they were small portions so we would have to try a few. With every single meal. A cruise does turn you into a glutton.

Once full and tired of fresh air, all we could manage was a few cocktails in front of Pulse and to bed.

The next day was one of our favourite islands; Antigua.

Beach day today; we grabbed a taxi with another family, their little girl really made us pine for our family. We had seen some amazing beaches on this trip but this was definitely one of the best; such white sand and blue sea, you would walk for a few metres in the shallows and then it suddenly dropped away, you could still touch the bottom for a few more steps then it was gone. Was really nice to swim in and it was fun, but not always very graceful trying to climb get back out.

We spent hours at the beach, then back to ship to get ready for another evening of a film, eating, drinking, and just being generally entertained. It wasn’t getting boring yet.

The next day we arrived at our last island St Maarten.

We didn’t really see much of this island as we wasted alot of our time walking around diamond shops, very beautiful to look at, and Biggy seemed to have alot of questions but I came home with no sparkly jewellery, so I just think he was a very cruel tease. And then we tried to get a taxi to a little zoo as we were a bit beached out, but no taxi driver would take us, they were only interested in filling up their cars with as many people and taking them to the local beaches, was all very frustrating. Back to the boat for the usual indulgence…

And that was it really, we had another day at sea, feeling sad that it was almost over, but so ready to see the children, we really really missed them, our bodies were really in need of salads and regular exercise, it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful big boat, and our wonderful steward, Archie, who had looked after us wonderfully.

The final day we arrived in Barbados; we walked down the gangplank for the last time, and boarded a teeny bus and sat with our hand luggage wedged on our laps and looked jealously out of the window at the pale new arrivals getting off their – for some reason much larger air-conditioned coach – thinking that was us what felt like years ago, time to go home.