They say you shouldn’t wish your life away but that is what I do. I spend my time counting down to events; whether it is a holiday, an outing, or a night out with the girls, i just wish away those days in between, it isn’t like I hate them, life is good, my job is um fun at times, there are the hours I spend with my beautiful family, but they are the tired hours, we have all had enough by then and it is mostly a blur of routine and exhaustion, we enjoy our time together but we are mostly looking forward to those extra special times. Like the weekends, these are obviously my most frequent countdowns; ‘it is monday evening now, oh only monday evening, 4 days to go’. By Thursday it is ‘thank god only 1 day to go!’

So how was my weekend. Another fairly peaceful one, a trip into town, no treats bought for myself this week (I am excluding the online shopping) we took Herbie to the park to play in the sand.

weekend 1 bl

We had a lovely drunken evening out with some friends but I did feel fragile yesterday, it may have been the huge creamy cocktails, or the Pimms or the Prosecco, plus during the day I ate a Mr Whippy ice cream and a rather large cream bun, my stomach was unimpressed. And the diet is really not going well.

We got to take our poorly little bodies over to our friends house on Sunday afternoon who has a swimming pool and Biggy took Golden Boy in until they were both shrivelled up prunes, then we were fed. A very pampered afternoon.

weekend 1 2 bl

(That is as close as I got to going in the water- haven’t got a cossie that fits anymore, oops, and it looks like we are being a bit over protective of Golden Boy with all his inflatables…)