It hasn’t been the beautifully hot August Bank Holiday weekend we all hoped for, but when is it! But it was still a good one; Biggy was at home, he did, and he didn’t get some DIY one…I got to do some baking, we saw friends, we had a takeaway, we ate out, we went to the horse racing, it was an excellent weekend.


The weekend started with Biggy attempting to put a new cabinet and sink in the en-suite – it is now Tuesday evening and we still do not have a sink or cabinet in the ensuite, it has been stressful – the positive outcome of this was a cardboard box for Golden Boy.

cardboard box

Because nothing makes a child happier than a cardboard box.

We then got out of our scruffy clothes, on went the dress and suit and tie, and I attempted to brush Golden Boys hair and off we went to Goodwood for the family day to watch some horse racing. We went with some friends and it was a lovely afternoon, we had a picnic, some bubbles – thanku Bestie! – went on fairground rides, watched the racing, looked at all the different outfits and Biggy came home £1.25 better off – he’s not much of a gambler anyway.

Golden Boy is a bit unpredictable with rides, sometimes he will be having an amazing time – especially if it has a steering wheel – other times he reacts really badly – all will be well until he is sitting on/in the ride and then this look of terror appears and he is screaming and clawing to get off, but you won’t know which way it is going to go until he gets there. We queued for ages to get on the Ferris Wheel as it is so slow getting everyone on and off it, I was sure that as soon as we got on he would have a meltdown but he was fine; he held on tightly and looked in shock the whole time but there was no screaming or crying. I loved it, the views were great, I actually thought it was very relaxing.

ferris wheel

Although the Merry Go Round was not such a success.

merry go round

But the highlight for me was the Helter Skelter; it was so narrow, even some of the children were having difficulty coming down it so when Biggy took Golden Boy on it you knew it was going to be a bit of a squeeze. We heard this squeaky noise above us and then there was his upper body hanging over the side as he was having to pull them down the slide as they were quite wedged in. SO funny.

helter skelter

Sunday was a bit more practical; Biggy was still messing around – I mean making a mess – I mean doing his DIY in the en-suite and we also painted the downstairs bathroom while Golden Boy went out with the Grandparents for a couple of hours. Smalls came home after a weekend away; she seems to be in teenager mode at the moment, lots of silence and grunting – but still good to have her home, honestly.

For a treat we went to a local pub for dinner which was lovely; it wasn’t what you would call relaxing as Golden Boy didn’t want to sit down but we were in a fairly quiet part of the pub where he couldn’t disturb too many people and he played with his cars for a bit, and I had a Millionaires Cheesecake for pudding – what could be better shortbread, caramel and chocolate, served with cream – I will suffer the embarrassment of a misbehaving toddler for that. The others just had ice cream, losers!

robin hood dinner

We made a bit of a boo boo when we left – Biggy has a habit everywhere we go of pointing at anybody who has the lightest resemblance to someone else and declaring “isn’t that so and so!” Well this time as we were leaving there was a group of boys sitting by the door and one of them is wearing glasses and has a massive affro, immediately we know what he is going to say, and we argue back no it isn’t, we go through the performance of walking past and back again, we with quick glances and Biggy with blatant staring, we get out in the car park and laugh at him and I am on google to prove our point.

But he was right, it was Perry Kiely from Diversity – who so happens to have been performing up the road in Butlins this weekend. Oops. we were wrong and Biggy was right. And we will never be allowed to forget this. In our defense it is like the boy who cried wolf, plus I was picturing Perry as how he looked when he performed on Britains Got Talent and not as he would be as a 20 year old man – oh there are no excuses, he is quite recognizable…

young Perry and a little bit older Perry