This has been a wonderful weekend purely because it means I got through the previous week. I survived. I built up to it dreading it, and I went through it minute by minute, by Thursday I may have been a bit of an irrational mess, but by Saturday lunchtime I could breathe a sigh of relief and I had a bit of an uncontrollable giggle to myself when I realised it was over. So what what so difficult about my week, you may be thinking something terrible was happening to me. 

Nope nothing really terrible, just 8 children, not including Golden Boy and a 50 hour week – that is not including my after hours work. And it really isn’t/wasn’t terrible, it just seems so full on when I feel so tired, there is no break in these hours, just more and more mess, more chaos, more noise, more loss of control by the end of the day, my nerves are shot, my sense of humour has gone, my tear ducts are overworking and I am just not fun to be around.

Yep I am very aware how pathetic I sound, get over it you say, that is just life, everyone is working their butts off. I feel ashamed of my weakness. I am afraid that won’t stop me moaning though.

The point is though, last week is over, and after a nice quiet weekend of doing very little, I have a much quieter week ahead, fewer hours and children – I have more structured and fun activities planned, I will regain some of my control – I love these children but I am the boss in my house not them, no matter how cute they are… I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Golden Boy, the house is going to be gleaming by the end of the week and I am going to work on my diet and exercise. It is going to be like January with lots of New Year resolutions. How positive do I sound!

So the weekend was a nice peaceful one, just me, Biggy and a snotty Golden Boy – poor thing.

poorly Golden Boy

There isn’t much to say really, a shop in Matalan

Golden Boy in Matalan

A little walk while Biggy tries out his new ‘Fitbit’ birthday present.

weekend walk

Bring on next week!