The weekend started early; it had been a stressful few days building up to it, as I had left revision for my theory test to the absolute last minute, I had actually done nothing until about 3 days before my test so in the evenings I had to do some serious cramming. 

And I was terrified, it didn’t help how serious they make it – no possessions, empty your pockets, take your watch off, let me check behind your ears, what!!! – by the time I sat down my hand was shaking so much I could hardly control the mouse – crap I will be so screwed when I do my practical test. Anyway it all went well, I passed with flying colours, now time to book the practical, eek.

Whilst I was sweating my butt off in a little cubicle Biggy took Golden Boy to a lovely park on the seafront.

Worthing seafront

Worthing seafront

I spent Saturday afternoon cooking and baking as my best friend – from now on we will call her Princess, for the obvious reason she is a princess – and her husband were coming for dinner. I had planned on taking photos of everything but then I drank too much prosecco and forgot. I tried to have an autumnal theme for the night.

Autumn theme table

I made Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Rocket Tart for starter – although Biggy forgot to buy the ricotta so there was a last minute change of plan to mascarpone – it worked! For main I slow cooked Chicken Cacciatore and for pudding I made BlackBerry and Apple Mallow Cake which was okay but I effed up the meringue on top and Biggy has advised me that it would have been better for tea and cake instead of pudding after a big meal. Noted.

It was a really fun night, lots of laughing, and drinking, I do love that princess and her hubbie. And they brought little Daisy with them who is the cutest pup and Biggy didn’t even mind her getting comfortable on the sofa – although he wasn’t too impressed with the present she had left in the garden 🙂


Sunday was a beautiful day, another walk along the seafront, chips on the beach to help a hangover, a lovely reminder that life is good.