So we made it through our first working week of 2016, it wasn’t great, it was long and tiring, we were all a bit grumpy but then it was Friday evening and it was all over and a weekend was ahead of us. Saturday was a busy one; Smalls and I left the boys at home and headed to Southampton with a friend and her daughter for some retail therapy, I wanted to take some pics to show what Smalls bought but she is currently lying on her bed, being a stroppy teenager, so I shall come back to our shopping trip later. Once we got back I had 3 hours to prepare a meal for 6 people as we had friends coming round for dinner (the Hawkins and Swords), I had made one pudding the night before (a Blackbottom Pie) but I had to make another (an Apple and Blueberry Cobbler) and I marinated a shite load of chicken wings in a Honey Garlic sauce to go with Melanzane Parmigiana and crusty bread. And  I never want to see another aubergine again.

weekend 8th jan

I spent HOURS (well it seemed that long) slicing aubergines because I made a slight error with the maths when working out how many I needed for the recipe – we ended up with lots of leftovers…

Anyway it ended up being a great evening, I drank way too much and I don’t think I was very much in control of the food by the time it came to serving up but it all looked good and everyone seemed pretty happy (or they pretended to be enjoying it) I wanted to take pics of my food, especially the puds but I forgot – so v annoying!

Afterwards on nicely full bellies we played the game we played with the kids over Christmas and our friend Mr Hawkins, who is so very very tall and not as flexible as he was in his younger days had to do 3 forward rolls. And that moment is so far the highlight of 2016 for me.

weekend 8 jan

I woke up this morning feeling pretty awful, but it was worth it. Biggy dragged us out for some (freezing) fresh air – we couldn’t drag Smalls and her friend out of her pit and away from their screens:

weekend jan 8th

But a walk along the beach was just what we needed.

weekend jan 8th

weekend jan 8th

we had a little refreshment stop (at a rather souless cafe)

weekend jan 8th

hmmm what to have…

So another week is almost upon us, and I am ready for it, kinda…