I have been a bit lapse with my little diary these last few weeks as by the time it gets too Monday I run out of time and think I will just do it next week, plus with back to school/work life is not that exciting. But there have been some fun times, a couple of birthdays to celebrate:

Biggy turned big ole 45 so with some wonderful friends and Auntie off to London we went. It was a great weekend and I don’t know why we don’t do it more often. We stayed in The Tower Hotel and had a great view.


But that wasn’t enough for us so we went for a tower tour and you get some great views from it too. Even if the weather was a bit drizzly.


And the glass walkway was kinda cool, some people don’t like to look down, and if the people below looked up they would have seen my pants 🙂


Afterwards we needed some refreshment and to look at more views we went to the Sky Garden, and although the views weren’t great due to the rain, the refreshments were.

weeks-10-sept-2-blThe next day when we were due to come home, the sun came out, of course.


We have had another birthday, Grandpa’s, and we went out for a curry lunch. Golden Boy gave him a card which he had worked very hard on.



I think he was pleased.


And Golden Boy discovered he likes poppadums, peshwari naan bread and white rice – something different, yay!


Hmmm what else have we done – looked at freezing water at the beach.


And there is always babyccinos.