So my blogging has been a big fail recently. Insomnia and work has kicked my butt and I have been using up all my energy to sulk and mope… not really, life is all good here, I was a bit sad that the warm weather had gone but the sun is still about, making the days pretty and I begged Biggy for the heating on a few days ago so I am snug in the evenings.

So what have we been up to…

First Born has started University, so with that and work he is a busy boy.

Smalls turned 15, we took her and a friend to Gourmet Burger Kitchen as nothing makes her happier than a burger. week-10th-oct-1

For her birthday treat she has chosen to go to Go Ape, which is a big shock to us as Smalls and physical activity don’t normally go together – her ambition at the moment is to watch every series of Grey’s Anatomy in a month, and she might actually do it… SO hopefully in the near future, and hopefully not in the rain we shall be swinging about in the trees.

We went and visited the pumpkin man and Golden Boy loved it.


He wanted to know the name of every single type of pumpkin and squash.


Pumpkin display.


Some very large marrows.


More pumpkins.


Autumnal leaves.


After 10 dry nights Golden Boy got to choose a toy and he chose to excavate for some bugs.


And because that wasn’t messy enough, we got the paints out too.


That is it for now, I really must make more of an effort.