It’s been a while. A long while. My only excuse is I have been lazy.

But I am back, where to start… I know, a Caribbean Cruise: 2017 is my 40th year, my 5th decade, and I am not over-joyed about this, but on the positive I am still in my 30s for another 5 days, oh and as an early celebration we spent 2 weeks in January on a Caribbean Cruise.

caribbean cruise header

Thanks to Biggy and Grandparents I got to spend 2 weeks of a normally cold miserable January, travelling in luxury around 9 Caribbean islands. It was just Biggy and I, whilst Grandparents looked after the children – couldn’t be lying on the beach, reading for hours, drinking cocktails and staying up late with those guys cramping my style. Actually, missing them was hugely painful at times – but the cocktails numbed it a little.

Our home for 2 weeks was the P&O Cruise Ship, Britannia, which was a bloody big, posh ship.

cruise ship 4

So where to start:

After a long long day of travelling – our first sight of Barbados.

cruise ship 1

We have arrived.

cruise ship 2

Lets find our room…

cruise ship 16

Found it.

cruise ship 3

My favourite place: the balcony. What can I see…

cruise ship 5

cruise ship 6

In the distance.

cruise ship 9

Time for a little explore. Biggy and the map of the ship were inseperable.

cruise ship 8

A little glimpse of the ship:

The Atrium.

cruise ship 13

The Studio.

cruise ship 14

Biggy’s fave place, the Crows Nest.

cruise ship 12

And a rare, nice quiet night on top deck.

cruise ship 10

I was very happy with our new temporary home.

cruise ship 11

Our first night on the ship was a bit of a blur as we were quite tired, there was a lovely meal, a cocktail and to bed, we had some relaxing to prepare for…