I haven’t taken many pictures recently and although we have been busy it is already becoming a faded memory so I had better have a quick catch up.

Summer hols are a distant memory. Smalls has started Year 11, the big GCSE year, she is not so happy, but then again she never is when it comes to school work, Golden Boy has started school, and he is loving being in Reception, and I have I started a new job; it is quite full-on but I am enjoying the change in work and I am so happy being around adults as well as children. And us all being term time (sorry adult boys you are not included in this) we have got less than a month until a week off, bonus!

So what have we been up to:

As always some cooking and baking: whoopie pies, lemon and cream cheese pasta and a gooey chocolate chip cookie cake and ice cream.

And some doughnut muffins.

All ready for school, my little pleased scruffbag.

Chores have been done.

And homework

Poppy needed a clean.

We watched some films, some okay

Some just horrible, thanks Biggy for that terrifying experience – actually I just watched the back of the seat in front of me…

There was a birthday.

I think that covers everything. I need to make more of an effort with my pics.