It was half term last week and we went out most days and froze our butts off, and I am really ready for the spring as kids prefer to be outside, my house prefers them to be outside but at the moment I do not like to be outside. The only photos I took (when I was just about warm enough to be able to manoeuvre my fingers) are from a little trip I took the kids to at Chichester Cathedral where we went dragon hunting.

feb 19th amen

All the children were given a map to follow to find little dragons and they had a question and a picture to fill in at each one. It was a bit old for Golden Boy but luckily he had his big sister to help him.

wk 19th feb 3

We passed under a big white dove on our dragon hunt.

wk 19th feb 2

At the end there was some craft making going on.

wk 19th feb 4

Big sister was there to lend a hand again.

wk 19th feb 5

Golden Boy is a scary dragon.

wk 19th feb 6

That is it for my recordings of last week, so maybe I can squeeze in something about the cruise:

So our first day was in the beautiful Barbados – we woke up early as clocks were out of sync and we were ready to officially start the holiday.

Our plan for Barbados was to see some caves and then head to the beach, it was gonna be a tough day…

cruise 2 9

With the help of our taxi driver, Victor, a 50yr old, gold-toothed barbadian, who did not stop talking, we went to Harrison’s caves – which was an interesting experience; they certainly weren’t as beautiful as the ones we saw in Majorca but we got to go on a tram ride through them and we had a fun guide.

Our first view of the stalagmites/tites we were going to see was in a model at the beginning and they were a bit shocking…

cruise 2 8

The model really wasn’t lying.

cruise 2 7

After the caves we were taken to a beautiful beach where we sunbathed, swam, ate lunch, read, it was bliss.

cruise 2 5

cruise 2 6

After our exhausting day we headed back to the ship to eat some more, relax some more and get ready for an evening out.

Our evening was spent eating a lovely meal and being entertained by the ships band ‘Pulse’ who belted out diva songs and working our way through the cocktail menu – some good, and  the occasional bad, my favourite though was ‘Raspberry Creme Brulee’. I had a feeling there was going to be many of them on our trip.

cruise 2